FSL Local Analysis and Prediction System (LAPS) IHOP_2002 NWP Forecasts


During the IHOP_2002 campaign, FSL produced real-time forecasts from LAPS diabatically-initialized MM5 runs every 3 hours out to 12 hours.  The purpose was twofold:

 a.  To provide additional forecast information to the teams responsible for planning field data collection missions

b.  To obtain feedback (objective and subjective) on how the LAPS “hot-start” technique performs in convective environments.

Both of these objectives were accomplished.  Work is now being conducted to re-run a subset of the IHOP experimental days to test further enhancements made to the technique.  These retrospective runs will also include runs of the new Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model. 


Original Real-time Products via the JOSS Page

Original Real-time MM5 GRIB Data Access

Retrospective LAPS Analysis Rerun Status

Retrospective Forecast Run (Hot-started MM5 and WRF) Status

Retrospective Forecast Model Output Availability

Web Products for MM5 Reruns

Web Products for WRF Reruns

Model Configuration for Reruns

Objective Verification


 Updated: 12 Apr 2004

Questions/Comments:  Brent Shaw