The purpose of this page is to describe the major differences between the WFO LAPS release and the more general LAPS that is described on ESRL's FAB branch web pages.  Progress on LAPS improvements and bug fixes relevant to AWIPS are outlined. This page also provides specific links to other information sources that may be of use to the WFO/AWIPS LAPS application.

AWIPS LAPS runs using NOAAPORT (nationally distributed) and LDAD (locally distributed) data that has generally been translated into NetCDF on the AWIPS platform for use by the LAPS ingest processes. First is a history of LAPS in AWIPS-I following up with plans for LAPS & STMAS in AWIPS II.

Product Issues:

Processes in the AWIPS are Note that these processes produce analysis products that are fed into the "Big File" for display on AWIPS. The default version of LAPS on AWIPS does not produce forecasts. Forecasts using our "hot-start" can be added if a number of additional components of LAPS are run. This includes programs such as the balance package "qbalpe.exe", "lapsprep", and "wfoprep" that create model initialization files. More details are in the LAPS README mainly under "Model Initialization and Post-Processing".

Cron Issues:

The lvd_sat_ingest.exe is run by under a seperate cron

Data Issues:

Analysis Issues:

Overview of AWIPS-I OB6 LAPS improvements: (Current version at most WFOs)

Improvements being implemented or considered for AWIPS-II: (Deployed at some WFOs)

Other Links:

  • LAPS home page (with 2010 workshop presentations)

  • LAPS Publications and Presentations

  • ESRL/GSD WFO-Advanced Project. and AWIPS LAPS manual .

  • AWIPS LAPS Information
  • LAPS "Bigfile" Generation
  • Feedback: LAPS Users Discussion Forum

    Updated September 2012