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LAPS & STMAS Software

LAPS Analysis software may be downloaded in the form of a "gzipped" tar file, available to our list of users. Users may also obtain a Colorado test data case to check how well your implementation is running. We have posted our most recent LAPS release from 8/1/2016 . Hints on how to install and run LAPS Analysis software are contained in the README file.

LAPS and STMAS may be used without any restriction, though we do appreciate receiving any improvements you might make. Contributing changes to our central repository will ease the process of upgrading to new versions of LAPS/STMAS. We'd also like to hear about any redistribution of the software. Please give credit to NOAA and LAPS when it is used in publications and websites.

We welcome feedback and discussion about LAPS (including STMAS) software in the forum (link in banner at upper right of page).

Download LAPS & STMAS (Click Here)