LAPS Presentations

Nowcasting with LAPS (June 2014)

LAPS Program Review (Jan 2012)

LAPS Workshops:

RITT (Technology Transfer) (2011)

WMO Nowcasting Workshop (Oct 2011)

FMI LAPS briefings:

Presentation to the Mountain and High Plains Weather Workshop, Mar 2001 (gzipped PowerPoint Presentation, 1192049 bytes)

COMET/COMAP presentations:

Radar and Satellite Image Usage in LAPS (Cloud and Wind Analyses) (Aug 2009)

Clouds and Solar Radiation (2012)

Soil Moisture and Surface Characteristics (2010)

Analyses: Temperature, Wind, Clouds/Precip, Humidity, Surface.

FSL Modeling and Visualization: A Collection of Case Studies

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