Welcome to our ESRL study of the Windsor, CO tornado of May 22, 2008.


Animations from Real-Time LAPS Runs

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Source Analysis Forecast Resolution Cycle Time Start Time End Time
windsor_laps1 LAPS WRF 5km 30min 081431500 081432000
windsor_laps2 LAPS WRF 1.6km 30min 081431700 081431715
windsor_stmas3 STMAS WRF 3km 60min 081431500 081431800
windsor_stmas1 STMAS WRF 1km 60min 081431500 081431800
windsor_stmas1.6 STMAS 1.6km 30min
windsor_laps1_gps LAPS 5km 30min 081431500 081432000

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Windsor case observational data

Here is the Windsor observational data and a description of the datasets and their origins. You might be able to download the entire tree using the following command:

wget -r -l10 --no-parent

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